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Multy gym

Sparnod Fitness is your one-stop solution for covering all your multy gym needs. Right from the SHG-10000 Home Gym for Multiple workouts to the SHG-11000 Multifunctional Luxury Home Gym, this centre houses some of the best equipment and tools to help you maintain a perfect body and physique yearlong. 

The multy gym machine comes with 1 year of warranty service. If anything goes wrong within that timeframe, without any fault from your side, the company will take care of it without letting you spend a single dime extra. Apart from these features, you have cancellation and return services. 

Once purchased, the workout machines come with a free installation service. Just provide details of your address, and the team will send an expert right to your doorstep. Each machine comes with free shipping. So, that’s another way to save some bucks!

Importance of having a multy gym at home:

Thanks to a multi-gym, you are able to perform various kinds of exercises for every possible major muscle group in your body. You can easily train your back, chest, biceps, shoulders, abs and legs using the gym. These products come in handy with weights, pulleys, chin-ups and more to ensure that you get a complete body workout.

Multy Gym - Multifunctional Gym equipment price in India 2022

Mutly Gym Price
SHG-10000 Multy GYM Workout INR 61,600

Model: SHG-10000
The SHG-10000 Home Gym is perfect for people who want to get fit at home. This gym provides a variety of different exercises that can be done on the weight stack, making it ideal for both beginners and experts alike. With a 1 year warranty on part failure and manufacturing defect, It comes with..
₹ 61,600
Ex Tax:₹ 61,600
Model: SHG-11000
The SHG-11000 is a luxury home gym that offers a wide variety of exercises for toning and sculpting your body. The weight stack is comprised of 96kgs (6kgs*16pcs) of weights & user weight 180 kg, making it perfect for people who are aspire to build muscle mass. The pulley is made with high stren..
₹ 104,400
Ex Tax:₹ 104,400
Model: SMG-12000
The SMG-12000 Luxury Single Station Integrated Trainer is the perfect choice for those who demand the very best in terms of quality and performance. Made from the finest materials, it features a maintenance-free self-lubricating system, high quality reinforced U type nylon precision bearing pulley, ..
₹ 253,500
Ex Tax:₹ 253,500
Model: SMG-15000
The SMG-15000 Three Station Multi-Gym is the perfect gym for professionals looking for a versatile and high-quality piece of equipment. The butterfly press and shoulder press can be exchanged through adjustable knob bolt. The high pulley and arm curl can be adjusted to provide the desired intensity...
₹ 107,300
Ex Tax:₹ 107,300
Model: SMG-16000
The SMG-16000 5Station Commercial Multy Gym is a great addition to your fitness centre. With a user weight of 150kg, it is perfect for use by professionals or those looking for a high-intensity workout. The weight stack includes 72kgs of weight per stack, meaning you can work up a good sweat in no t..
₹ 295,900
Ex Tax:₹ 295,900
Model: SMG-18000
SMG-18000 Multy Exercise Gym is perfect for anyone looking for a quality weight stack that can provide a wide range of exercises. The weight stack is made from high quality plastic and features a highly flexible oil-containing cable to provide the best possible workout. Additional features include a..
₹ 227,000
Ex Tax:₹ 227,000
Model: SMG-19000
The SMG-19000 five station Multi-GYM! This state-of-the-art equipment offers users the opportunity to work out in a variety of different ways, with features like a leg press, kicking, chest extension, lat pulldown, low row, side pull, and rowing. Plus, its heavy duty construction frame ensures long-..
₹ 409,000
Ex Tax:₹ 409,000
Model: SMG-20000
The SMG-20000 Multi Smith Integrated Trainer is perfect for targeting your entire body with a variety of exercises. With 30 different options, you can work on everything from your legs to your chest. The compact design makes it easy to use by multiple people at once, and the comfortable padded seat ..
₹ 368,200
Ex Tax:₹ 368,200
Model: SMG-22000
The SMG-22000 Multi Smith Training Machine is perfect for targeting your entire body with a wide range of workout options. You can choose from 30 different exercises including leg press, leg extension, chest extension, high pull, low pull, side pull, rowing, abdomen-press and more. The innovative de..
₹ 388,500
Ex Tax:₹ 388,500
Model: SMG-9000
The SMG-9000! This heavy-duty steel frame home gym features a plethora of functions to help you get the most out of your workouts, including chest press, peck fly, lat pull down, bicep curl, triceps, seated bench press, abdominal crunch, leg extension, and leg curl. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warr..
₹ 87,000
Ex Tax:₹ 87,000
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