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Multy gym

Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited is your one-stop solution for covering all your multy gymneeds. Right from the SHG-10000 Home Gym for Multiple workouts to the SHG-11000 Multifunctional Luxury Home Gym, this centre houses some of the best equipment and tools to help you maintain a perfect body and physique yearlong. 

This centre is known to offer a top-level Emi facility for those who are a bit tight on a budget but don’t want to miss out on the golden opportunity to have a great body for the summer months. Apart from the products, this centre also offers a 12-hour support service. So, if anything goes wrong with the gym equipment, you will always have someone to guide you through it.

The multy gym machinecomes with 1 year of warranty service. If anything goes wrong within that timeframe, without any fault from your side, the company will take care of it without letting you spend a single dime extra. Apart from these features, you have cancellation and return services. 

Once purchased, the workout machines come with a free installation service. Just provide details of your address, and the team will send an expert right to your doorstep. Each machine comes with free shipping. So, that’s another way to save some bucks!

Importance of having a multy gym at home:

Thanks to a multi-gym, you are able to perform various kinds of exercises for every possible major muscle group in your body. You can easily train your back, chest, biceps, shoulders, abs and legs using the gym. These products come in handy with weights, pulleys, chin-ups and more to ensure that you get a complete body workout.

Yes, it is true that multy gym bahrain might cost you a bit of money. So, you must be wondering if it is worth investing some bucks in the equipment from Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited. Well, the points listed below will let you know the importance these equipment and tools hold.

Multy Gym: Multifunctional Gym equipment price in India 2022

Mutly Gym Price 
1.SHG-10000 Multy GYM Workout BHD-370

Designed to last a lifetime:

The multy gyms from Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited are designed to last a lifetime, thanks to their durability quotient. 

  • They are perfect for keeping your body healthy and ensuring that your finances remain under check by making sure that you don’t end up spending much on upkeep and maintenance.
  • All that you need to do from your side is use the machine properly and get it cleaned up from time to time.

No need to get professional help to use the gym at home:

As the multy gym is pretty safe and easy for anyone to use, there is no need to seek professional help to learn how to use them. These products are pretty much self-explanatory.

  • Getting a hang of how these machines will work will need no effort at all.
  • So, it is considered to be one of the best fitness equipment in the current marketplace for your home.

Quite safe and easy for you to use:

When it is about lifting heavy barbells, dumbbells or any form of free weight, there are high chances that you might get injured because of the poor stance or if you are trying to lift way too much.

  • But, with multy gym machine bahrain from Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited, the chances of getting injured will reduce at a significant rate.
  • It is because the machines from this centre are pretty easy to use.
  • They won’t need much coordination than most of your free weight exercises.

Great for home use:

One of the major advantages of using a multy gym is that it won’t take up a whole lot of space in your home. They are not going to eat up a lot of space in your home and are ideally designed to fit in all the smaller corners of your house. Even though they are substantial when it comes to length, weight and height, they can easily be set up in any room’s corner or even in your garage space.

Great for building muscle and burning out fat:

People are moving more towards multy gym machine Online because the equipment is designed to build muscle and get rid of unnecessary fat. If you are into strength training, such equipment will be your classic choice.

  • These machines provide weighted resistance by using a pulley system and weight stacks. 
  • So, that makes them a perfect choice for those who are into muscle building.
  • As you start growing stronger with consistent workouts, this machine will help you to increase resistance and expect better results.
  • Another major benefit is that the multy gym can also help in a weight loss routine as you are likely to lose calories with every workout session.

Get the chance to perform diverse workouts:

Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited is here to offer multy gym price within your pre-set budget plans. Moreover, as you have the EMI value included, you can pay the price at installations. 

  • The multy gym will help you to perform multiple exercises for some of the major muscle groups.
  • You get the chance to train your back, chest, shoulder, abs, biceps and legs by using single exercising equipment.
  • These machines are well-structured with weights, chin-ups., pulleys and more, to help perform a complete body workout.

Products from Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited:

In order to complete multiple workouts all at once, Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited is here to present SHG-10000 HOME GYM FOR MULTIPLE WORKOUTS to give out a try. The multy gym machine price is pretty affordable, especially with the EMI solutions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for equipment as a single stated integrated trainer, then the SMG-12000 model is just a click away! With a 70 kg weight stack, this machine is great for training chest muscles and back.

These are a few of the many models available from Sparnod Fitness Equipment Private Limited. Visit the official website at for details.

Model: SHG-10000
Weights : 138LB vinyl weight stack(13pcs X 10LBS +1 Pcs X 8LBS) Cables : 2000 lbs tensile strength aircraft cables  Tube : 50x1.5mm big R heavy duty contrucion tube Assembly Size : 1700(L) x 1000(W) x 1976(H) mm  Max user body weight : 125kgs..
₹ 61,600
Ex Tax:₹ 61,600
Model: SHG-11000
Weight Stack : 96kgs (6kgs*16pcs) Pulley : high strenght plastic pulleys Cable : highly flexible oil -containing cable Functions : Latpull Down, Leg Extension, Standing Leg Curl, Bicep, Tricep, Chest Extension, Rowing, Low Rowing, Chest Press Accessories : Latpull Down Bar, Bicep Strap, User We..
₹ 104,400
Ex Tax:₹ 104,400
Model: SMG-12000
Weight Stack(kg) : 70Occupancy size(mm) : 2080x1100x1960Package size(mm) : 1860x900x345Exercise muscle: Chest muscles/Back muscles/Arms/Psoas/Gluteus/Quadriceps femoris/BicepsSteel Material: R Steel Tube, Carbon Steel PlateSteel Tube Size: 100x50mmTransmission System: Maintenance-free self-lubricati..
₹ 253,500
Ex Tax:₹ 253,500
Model: SMG-15000
Square tube design for better shape design;Butterfly press and shoulder press can be exchanged through adjustable knob bolt;High Pully & Arm CurWeight stacks: 72kgs w/Stack Cover3 Stations w/Punching Bag + Chin Up + Sit Up BenchAssemble Size: 176x200x212cmWARRANTY – 1 Year Brand Warranty on Part..
₹ 107,300
Ex Tax:₹ 107,300
Model: SMG-18000
Weight Stack - 30 Pcs,5 Kgs eachPulley - High Strength Plastic PulleyCable - Highly flexible oil-containing cableFunctions - Chest extension, kicking, leg press, lat pulldown, low row, sit push, sit-up, etc.Accessories - N/AUser Weight - 360KgAssemble Size - 2100*2350*2100mm..
₹ 227,000
Ex Tax:₹ 227,000
Model: SMG-19000
Weight Stack - 60 Pcs,5 Kgs eachPulley - High Strength Plastic PulleyCable - Highly flexible oil-containing cableFunctions - Leg press, kicking, chest extension, lat pulldown, low row, side pull, rowing, abdomen, etc. Accessories - N/AUser Weight - 702KgAssemble Size - 2770*2720*2065mm..
₹ 409,000
Ex Tax:₹ 409,000
Model: SMG-20000
Weight Stack(kg) : 80x2pcsOccupancy size(mm) : 2080x1420x2260Package size(mm) : 2270x710x350Exercise muscle: Chest muscles/Back muscles/Arms/Psoas/Gluteus/Quadriceps femoris/BicepsSteel Material: Rectangle Steel Tube, Carbon Steel PlateSteel Tube Size: 80x50mmTransmission System: Maintenance-free se..
₹ 368,200
Ex Tax:₹ 368,200
Model: SMG-22000
Weight Stack(kg) 80x2pcsOccupancy size(mm) : 2100x1686x2170Package size(mm) : 2140x1000x300Exercise muscle: Chest muscles/Back muscles/Arms/Psoas/Gluteus/Quadriceps femoris/Biceps/LegSteel Material: Flat Oval Steel Tube, Carbon Steel PlateSteel Tube Size: 120x50mmTransmission System: Maintenance-fre..
₹ 388,500
Ex Tax:₹ 388,500
Model: SMG-9000
Net/Product weight: 59User Weight 125 kgFunctions: Chest Press, Peck Fly, Lat Pull Down, Bicep Curl, Triceps, Seated Bench Press, Abdominal Crunch, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, RowingWarranty: 1-year brand warranty on part failure and manufacturing defects...
₹ 87,000
Ex Tax:₹ 87,000
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