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Model: SOL-009
Model No.: SOL-009Weight stacks: 100 kgDimension: 44.6x98x165cm..
₹ 257,460
Ex Tax:₹ 257,460
Model: PRO-018
Model No.: PRO-018Weight stacks: 80 kgDimension: 163.5x75x153cm..
₹ 258,710
Ex Tax:₹ 258,710
Model: PRO-019
Model No.: PRO-019Weight stacks: 80 kgDimension: 163.5X75X153cm..
₹ 258,710
Ex Tax:₹ 258,710
Model: SIG-5504
The SIG-5504 Biceps / Triceps machine. This tough and durable machine is made from full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS virgin material. The weight selector is on the right side of the user, safe and convenient. Plus, the cushion is filled with MC high resilience foam material, high-grade PU leather, surf..
₹ 260,090
Ex Tax:₹ 260,090
Model: SOL-011
Model No.: SOL-011Weight stacks: 100 kgDimension: 122.3x113.8x165cm..
₹ 260,585
Ex Tax:₹ 260,585
Model: SIG-5509
The SIG-5509! With its ergonomic design, accurate trajectory, and smooth operation, this machine.  The full shroud and 4mm thickness ABS virgin material make it strong and durable, while the weight selector on the right side of the user ensures safe and convenient use. Plus, the cushion is fill..
₹ 264,090
Ex Tax:₹ 264,090
Model: SIG-5501
The SIG-5501 shoulder / chest press is a versatile and durable piece of equipment that is perfect for any fitness enthusiast. The mainframe is made from high quality Q235 steel, and the movement arm is made from 80*40*3.0mm flat oval pipe, which makes it incredibly sturdy and reliable. Additionally,..
₹ 266,630
Ex Tax:₹ 266,630
Model: SOL-012
Model No.: SOL-012Weight stacks: 80 kgDimension: 3.9x136.5x228.8cm..
₹ 269,960
Ex Tax:₹ 269,960
Model: SIG-6270
The SIG-6270 leg press is an ergonomic and high-quality leg press machine that offers a smooth, professional workout. The frame is made from high-quality Q235 pipe, and the upholstery is made from high-density foam to offer a comfortable and smooth experience. The back pad can be adjusted for differ..
₹ 271,550
Ex Tax:₹ 271,550
Model: SIG-6271
The SIG-6271 Hack Squat is a high quality, ergonomic squat stand that is perfect for those who are looking for a smooth and hard workout. The rack is made of 89mm Q235 high quality pipe and is ergonomically designed with smooth workout. The upholstery is made of high density foam and is covered with..
₹ 272,450
Ex Tax:₹ 272,450
Model: SOL-018
Model No.: SOL-018Weight stacks: 80 kgDimension: 163.5x75x165cm..
₹ 273,085
Ex Tax:₹ 273,085
Model: SOL-019
Model No.: SOL-019Weight stacks: 80 kgDimension: 163.5x75x165cm..
₹ 273,085
Ex Tax:₹ 273,085
Model: PRO-012
Model No.: PRO-012Weight stacks: 100 kgDimension: 190x152x223cmN.W.: 230kgG.W.: 280kg..
₹ 273,900
Ex Tax:₹ 273,900
Model: SIG-5508
The SIG-5508 AB Crunch / Back Extension is a versatile and ergonomic dual-function trainer that provides a smooth, safe and effective workout. Featuring a mainframe made from 118*75*3.0mm semi elliptical pipe, functional area made from 120*50*3.0mm flat oval pipe, and movement arm made from 80*40*3...
₹ 277,550
Ex Tax:₹ 277,550
Model: PRO-0607
Model No.: PRO-0607Weight stacks: 80 kgDimension: 125x125x153.2cmN.W.: 210kgG.W.: 250kg..
₹ 282,620
Ex Tax:₹ 282,620
Model: SOL-002A
Model No.: SOL 002AWeight stacks: 100 kgDimension: 153.2x112.2x205.9cmN.W.: 225kgG.W.: 270kg..
₹ 286,350
Ex Tax:₹ 286,350
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