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Buy the best massage chairs online at Sparnod!

Struggling with stiffness and backache? Or maybe you want to feel pampered and relaxed at the end of a tiring day! There’s no denying that we live a very fast-paced, hectic life these days. This calls for some sort of respite. Look no further, a good massage chair from Sparnod is probably all that you need right now!

Massage chairs are not just a luxury, they are a necessity — they can help relieve stiffness in your joints, promote better blood circulation, reduce stress levels, stimulate nerves, relieve neck and shoulder aches, and soften fat tissues in the thigh areas. All in all, massage chairs can do wonders for your body and overall health.

Sparnod Massage Chair — The Ultimate Massage Experience For An Active Life

Sparnod’s massage chair is the best of its kind, and you will be investing in a better lifestyle addition for you and your family.

Zero Gravity Technology

Powered by a zero gravity technology, our massage chair allows you to enjoy the best massaging experience by providing the space for you to be seated in a neutral position that counteracts the effect of gravity. In ensuring that you are in a weightless position, pressure and stress is taken off from your spine and your muscles and joints are well-relaxed and more receptive to the massage.

Music Via Bluetooth

Who doesn’t love a good massage with some soothing music? With our equipment, you can connect your device via Bluetooth to the chair’s intelligent terminal to play music. Also, it has a Mobile USB charger designed in front of the panel.

3d Back Massage Mechanism And L-Shape Backtrack\

L-track system is a specially formulated shape of roller trail that is designed to support your neck to back and all the way to the buttocks. This position decompresses each individual spine of your body and increases the effects of massage.

Maximum Relaxation

The progressive airbags are multi-layered and can perform Strong deep massage on the muscles and acupoints, it can be used for a relaxing kneading and pressing massage on the feet, ankles, calf, arms, and shoulder. Air pressing Massage is extraordinary and ergonomically designed which activate joints to maximize relaxation.

Heat For Back And Calves

Built-in carbon fibre heating function allows energy to be absorbed by the body, activating cells and promoting healthy metabolism. This also provides heat for your back and calves, thereby relaxing them.

Deluxe Plus - Massage Chair
-59 %
Model: Deluxe Plus
Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our Deluxe Plus body massage chair. Immerse yourself in a zero-gravity experience, complemented by 22 airbags, 6 auto modes, and soothing music, all backed by a 1-year warranty. Elevate your well-being with the perfect blend of comfort and advanced massage technol..
SAR 2,799.00 SAR 6,820.00
Model: deluxe
Experience ultimate relaxation with our premium massage chair. With a user weight capacity of 150kgs and a zero gravity function, you can enjoy unparalleled comfort. The LCD screen (17.8X11.8CM) and Bluetooth connectivity enhance your massage experience, while the 16 airbags provide full-body relief..
SAR 6,270.00
Classic - 3D back Full Body Massage Chair
-63 %
Model: Classic
Relax in luxury with this classic 3D back full body massage chair. With its cutting-edge massage mechanism and L-shape backtrack, you'll enjoy a truly unique massage experience. And Bluetooth-enabled music provides the perfect soundtrack to your relaxation. Other features include wall hugger te..
SAR 7,399.00 SAR 19,799.00
Model: Plush
The Plush 4D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair is the most advanced massage chair on the market, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants the best possible massage experience. With its 4D massage mechanism, L-shape backtrack, and Bluetooth-enabled music system, this chair offers a truly luxurious massa..
SAR 24,540.00
Model: Opulence
The Opulence massage chair is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. With its 4D PLUS dual-core massage mechanism, it offers a truly rejuvenating experience for your back and buttocks. The innovative flexible SL backtrack allows for better stretching, while the tablet remote control and quick button..
SAR 47,999.00
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