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At, we offer a wide range of fitness equipment and exercise BENCH and RACK.  We offer high-quality, durable and reliable equipment that will withstand the gym environment.

Model: SWB-60
The SWB-60 Heavy Duty Multifunction Weight Bench is perfect for anyone looking to get a full-body workout. With a maximum user weight of 100 kg, this bench is ideal for those who are looking to focus on arms, legs, chest, and abs. Additionally, the assembly size is 125 cm x 43 cm x 120 cm, making it..
QAR 912.00
Model: SWB-17
The SWB-17/AC-018 Multi Purpose Squat Rack! This heavy-duty frame is constructed with premium quality steel construction, making it perfect for use at home or in the gym. Plus, its safety lock latches ensure that you are always safe when squatting with heavier weights. Finally, Olympic plate storage..
QAR 1,350.00
Model: SIG-55
Mainframe adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe All pipes are Q235 qualified high-density foam upholstery, "furniture grade" PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover. Equipped with wheel for the move. Product Weight : 25kgs Installation size:641*528*1059mm/ 25*21*42in3..
QAR 1,500.00
Model: SWB-65
The SWB-65 /518GA is a heavy duty weight bench that is perfect for use with exercises like the bench press, biceps press, leg extension, leg curl and abdominal crunch. This heavy duty bench features dual features including a pivot point that aligns with the knee joints and a locking mechanism for ab..
QAR 1,800.00
Model: SIG-47
Product Weight : 67kgs Installation size:1250*1020*2410mm..
QAR 2,100.00
Model: SIG-51
Product Weight : 50kgs Installation size:1109*606*1234mm/ 44*24*49in..
QAR 2,700.00
Model: SIG-42
Product Weight : 35kgs Installation size:1445*628*758mm/ 57*25*30in..
QAR 3,600.00
Model: SIG-53
Product Weight : 60kgs Installation size:1966*750*815mm/ 77*30*32in..
QAR 3,600.00
Model: SIG-46
Product Weight : 55kgs Installation size:1365*606*441mm/ 54*24*17in..
QAR 3,900.00
Model: SIG-41
Product Weight : 55kgs Installation size:1680*666*608mm/ 66*26*24in..
QAR 4,200.00
Model: SIG-45
Product Weight : 60kgs Installation size:980*780*1510mm/ 39*31*59in..
QAR 4,200.00
Model: SWB-62
Product size:1480*700*450mmPacking size:1330*320*450mmNet Weight :38KGGross Weight:42KGSize of tube:70*50*2mm..
QAR 4,455.00
Model: SIG-53A
Product Weight : 90kgs Installation size:1966*820*986mm/ 77*32*39in..
QAR 4,800.00
Model: SIG-54
Product Weight : 72kgs Installation size:922*820*1363mm/ 36*32*54in..
QAR 4,800.00
Model: SIG-45A
Product Weight : 67kgs Installation size:1250*1020*2410mm..
QAR 5,100.00
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