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Full Body Massage Chair India

What exactly is a massage chair?

As the name suggests, a massage chair or massage recliner is essentially a chair that is designed to provide a massage when you sit on it. Sparnod’s massage recliner chairs are designed in such a way that they target all of the muscles and pressure points that need relief. It covers a full body massage, which would most definitely include leg massage, head massage, neck massage, and back massage.

In case you’re wondering what the massage chair cost is, worry not. Affordable yet top quality, you have probably hit the jackpot considering that we have the best massage chair price in India! What’s more, we also have an EMI option to suit your convenience.

Benefits Of Buying A Massage Chair

A massage chair is an invaluable tool for the at-home spa enthusiast. With mechanized massagers that can simulate a wide range of sensations, these chairs offer the highest quality relaxation experience that too in your own home.

Everyone is aware about health benefits of massage therapy. A massage chair recreates the feel and function of a professional massage to provide the same health benefits. In addition, it typically costs less than frequent visits to a spa.

Improves circulation

The main benefit one could get from Massage Chair is improved blood circulation. People who spend lot of time sitting are vulnerable to the risk developing blood clots. Massage chair is a blessing for them.

Reduces Stress

With massage chairs your stress will get reduced and you will feel relaxed. For those who

Improved Sleep

One other benefit one can get from massage chair is a better sleep. When you get a massage from the massage chair you will see the drastic difference in your sleep experience.

Best Massage Chair Price List In India 2024

Massage Chair Price 
Classic full body massage chair Rs. 3,30,000
Plush 4D Full-body Automatic Massage Chair Rs. 5,80,000
Ppulence 4D Plus Dual-core Body Massage Chair Rs. 6,00,000

Model: deluxe
Experience ultimate relaxation with our premium massage chair. With a user weight capacity of 150kgs and a zero gravity function, you can enjoy unparalleled comfort. The LCD screen (17.8X11.8CM) and Bluetooth connectivity enhance your massage experience, while the 16 airbags provide full-body relief..
₹ 137,890
Ex Tax:₹ 137,890
Model: Deluxe Plus
Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our Deluxe Plus body massage chair. Immerse yourself in a zero-gravity experience, complemented by 22 airbags, 6 auto modes, and soothing music, all backed by a 1-year warranty. Elevate your well-being with the perfect blend of comfort and advanced massage technol..
₹ 150,050
Ex Tax:₹ 150,050
Model: Classic
Relax in luxury with this classic 3D back full body massage chair. With its cutting-edge massage mechanism and L-shape backtrack, you'll enjoy a truly unique massage experience. And Bluetooth-enabled music provides the perfect soundtrack to your relaxation. Other features include wall hugger te..
₹ 330,000
Ex Tax:₹ 330,000
Model: Plush
The Plush 4D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair is the most advanced massage chair on the market, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants the best possible massage experience. With its 4D massage mechanism, L-shape backtrack, and Bluetooth-enabled music system, this chair offers a truly luxurious massa..
₹ 580,000
Ex Tax:₹ 580,000
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