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Buy Elliptical Cross Trainers Online in India

Get Fit and Stay Healthy With Our Durable And Affordable Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical Cross Trainer Machines are one of the best exercise equipment for a full-body workout! What’s interesting about this workout experience is that it is designed to provide the benefits of walking, running, or even climbing a flight of stairs, all at once.

Reach Your Fitness Goals With Sparnod’s Elliptical Cross Trainers. We recommend this special equipment if you are looking for the following:

  • A full body workout: With just this one equipment, be rest assured that you will enjoy a full body workout! Our elliptical cross trainers are designed to work on your arms, legs, shoulders, core, and chest.
  • Weight Loss: It goes without saying that this equipment can help burn calories as well, thereby resulting in weight loss. In fact, this machine is one of the most sought-after fitness equipment for weight loss!
  • Increased Strength And Endurance: We love that the elliptical strengths you and improves endurance as well! A good workout should essentially provide you with this benefit!
  • Better Cardiovascular Health: Did you know that you can enjoy better cardiovascular health with a full body workout? This machine helps improve cardiovascular help, keeps you fit, and promotes weight loss. A healthy heart is of utmost importance, after all!

Best for Home Workout

Why head to the gym when you can enjoy a full body workout at home? Sparnod’s ellipticals can be set up at the comfort of your home, where you can do your workouts at a time that suits your busy schedule!

Did you know that a good elliptical machine can give you a total body workout? An advance elliptical, such as Sparnod’s Ellipticals, can provide you with weight loss, strength, endurance, and essentially a total body workout.

Explore Sparnod’s fitness collection today. Are you ready to get started on these exercises to begin your weight loss journey?

Cross Trainer Elliptical Machine Price List In India 2022

Exercise Bike Price 
SET-42 Cross Trainer Elliptical Machine Rs. 27,400
SET-45 Semi Commercial Cardio Elliptical Trainer Rs. 64,000
SET 420 Cross Trainer Elliptical Machine Rs. 1,40,000

Sparnod Fitness offers some of the best ellipticals on the market. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we have the perfect elliptical for you. We offer both home and commercial ellipticals, so you can get your workout in no matter where you are. Our ellipticals are designed to give you a full-body workout and provide all the benefits of walking, running, cycling and stair climbing all in one machine, making it a versatile option for those who want to get fit and improve their cardiovascular health.. Shop our selection of ellipticals today and get into the best shape of your life!

Model: SAW-07
The SAW-07 Air walker Step Machine is perfect for home use! It offers a range of motion that is gentle on the joints, and can be used to improve your fitness regime. With two ranges of motion - horizontal and vertical - this machine is stable and will provide a consistent workout. The stable powder-..
₹ 16,900
Ex Tax:₹ 16,900
Model: SET-410
The SET-410 Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer is perfect for fitness. With a resistance system that offers 16 levels of intensity, this machine is perfect for anyone looking to get in a good workout. Additionally, the console features time, calories burned, level and distance displays as well as a..
₹ 146,000
Ex Tax:₹ 146,000
Model: SET-42
The SET-42 Three In One Sports Fitness Cross Trainer is a high quality, durable and professional fitness equipment. User weight up to 120 KG, The SET-42 features a magnetic resistance system which provides an easy and smooth ride, as well as adjustable stride length and break system that ensures a s..
₹ 27,400
Ex Tax:₹ 27,400
Model: SET-420
The SET-420 Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine! This state-of-the-art machine is designed for commercial use and is equipped with a self-generator electromagnetic control flywheel for maximum user weight capacity of 150 kg. The 8 resistance levels provide a challenging workout, while the st..
₹ 140,625
Ex Tax:₹ 140,625
Model: SET-43
The SET-43 Sturdy Design Cardio ELLIPTICAL TRAINER is perfect for home use. The heavy 9kg flywheel offers smooth jerk-free movement, while 16 level magnetic resistance allows users to customize the intensity of their cardio workout. The sturdy frame can support user weight up to 120kg, ensuring that..
₹ 48,500
Ex Tax:₹ 48,500
Model: SET-44
The Set-44 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the perfect addition to any home gym. This elliptical is made for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, with a magnetic resistance system and 16inch stride. Additionally, the Poly-V belt drivetrain ensures smooth operation, while the 7kgs two-way inner electromagn..
₹ 75,600
Ex Tax:₹ 75,600
Model: SET-45
The SET-45 Semi Commercial Cardio Elliptical Trainer is perfect for anyone looking for a cardiovascular workout that is both comfortable and challenging. The heavy 9kg flywheel offers smooth jerk-free movement, while the 16 level magnetic resistance allows users to customize the intensity of the car..
₹ 64,000
Ex Tax:₹ 64,000
Model: SET-46
The SET-46 Home Use Cardio Elliptical Trainer is perfect for anyone looking for a challenging cardio workout. The heavy 10kg flywheel offers smooth jerk-free movement, while the 16 level magnetic resistance allows users to customize the intensity of the workout. The sturdy frame can support user wei..
₹ 94,000
Ex Tax:₹ 94,000
Model: SET-470
The SET-470 Commercial 9.3kg Flywheel Cross Trainer is a high-quality, professional-grade cross trainer machine. With an impressive 38cm stride, this machine is perfect for both beginner and experienced athletes. Additionally, the self-generator electromagentic control system ensures smooth, effortl..
₹ 238,000
Ex Tax:₹ 238,000
Model: SOB-1000
The SOB-1000 Elliptical Cross Trainer Cycle is a 2 in 1 fitness machine that can be used as an elliptical trainer or an exercise bike. This machine is designed to give you a gentle and low impact, yet effective cardio workout for your upper and lower body. The resistance level can be adjusted to acc..
₹ 25,000
Ex Tax:₹ 25,000
Model: SAC-01
The SAC-01 Ab Twister is a powerful resistance training tool that offers users 6 resistance levels to target different muscle groups. The sturdy steel frame is able to support up to 150 kg and the plate weight capacity allows you to work out harder without feeling weighed down. The 189 cm x 72 cm x ..
₹ 118,125
Ex Tax:₹ 118,125
Model: SET-440
The SET-440 Semi Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine. This machine is equipped with a self-generating 8 kg electromagnetic control flywheel, 24 resistance levels, 20” stride, 0-15% manual incline, and a sturdy steel frame. The LCD display boasts distance, time, calories burned, and other con..
₹ 250,313
Ex Tax:₹ 250,313
Model: SET-480
The SET-480 Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine is perfect for you! This machine features a 8 kg rear drive flywheel and 15 levels of resistance, making it suitable for users of all levels of fitness. Additionally, the console features a distance, speed, time, and calorie display as well as ..
₹ 400,500
Ex Tax:₹ 400,500
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