How To Buy A Treadmill – What To Consider Before Buying A Treadmill?

If you’ve decided to buy a treadmill, and wondering How To Buy A Treadmill then you should know that this is the first step to a healthier you! Understandably, many people are often confused about what they should consider before investing in a treadmill. This is particularly so if you are buying a treadmill online. We’re about to help you with your purchase, so you can get a treadmill that is best suited for you…

How To Buy A Treadmill?

Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying A Treadmill

  1. Maximum Weight Rating: You need to take into consideration the maximum rating of a treadmill, to understand if the treadmill is sturdy enough to support you. This is particularly important if you are a larger person. 
  2. Belt Size: In most cases, it is best if the belt size is at least a length of 48 inches and a width of 18 inches. However, if you are on the taller size, then you will require a treadmill with a bigger belt size — approximately 52 inches in length. 
  3. Stability: The treadmill is essentially a running or walking machine. So, look for one that has a good amount of stability and does not shake when you work on it. 
  4. Cushioning: It is important that the treadmill has good cushioning so that it absorbs shock when you run on the treadmill. In turn, this can help protect your joints. 
  5. Budget: You need to factor in how much you are willing to spend on a treadmill, and if the treadmill of your choice fits into the budget you have in mind. Several fitness equipment providers such as Sparnod Fitness have EMI options for you to explore as well, so it makes it easy on your pockets! 
  6. Space: It is important to keep in mind the space you have at home before buying a treadmill. If you are low on space, you can always buy a foldable treadmill. This way, after you have used it for a workout, it can be folded and stored away comfortably! 
  7. Features: Always have a good look at what features a treadmill has to offer. Some advanced treadmills such as those from Sparnod fitness, have cool features such as LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, anti-slip belts, and shock-absorbing technology, to name a few. Look for one that suits your needs best!
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Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A Treadmill

The truth of the matter is that a treadmill should be bought after very careful consideration. It is an investment, one that puts your health on the right track. We have listed below, a few important questions that you should be asking yourself, before you settle on that one perfect treadmill for your workouts at home.

  1. Ask yourself if you have the time and bandwidth to maintain and take care of your treadmill on a regular basis. Some treadmills are low maintenance, while a few others may need regular maintenance. Opt for one that suits your lifestyle and schedule. 
  2. What, according to you, are some of the most important features that your treadmill should have? Is it important for your treadmill to have bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to podcasts or music while working out? Or maybe you need a treadmill that has a better LED display panel than most. Whatever be the case, ask yourself what features matter the most. 
  3. Some of Sparnod’s treadmills boast of heart monitors…is this something you would want your treadmill to have as well? A good heart monitor gives you accurate data about your heart rate while you are working out. This is a great feature, particularly if your end goal involves better cardio-vascular health! 
  4. Consider the space you have at home. And then, ask yourself if it is a better idea to get a foldable treadmill. These foldable treadmills are perfect if space is a constraint. You can use it as and when you want, and once you are done with your workout, you can fold the treadmill and keep it aside. This way, the treadmill will never eat into the space you have at home! 
  5. Is the treadmill only for running purposes, or will it also be something you may use for walking? If so, there Sparnod has some really cool two-in-one walking cum running treadmills! These are perfect if you usually couple your walks with a few bouts of running as well, and vice versa. They’re great for beginners, who have just started running. It allows you to get the best of both worlds! 
  6. Would you need an EMI option to buy your treadmill? It is important to figure out how you plan to buy your treadmill. If you prefer buying a treadmill and paying in installmemts for it, then look for a trusted fitness equipment provider that offers and EMI option. One of the best things about Sparnod is that it has payment options, EMI included, that help you purchase a great treadmill as per your convenience! What’s more, you can choose from a range of products that are perfect for pretty much every budget. 
  7. What’s the speed you’re looking at? In case you are buying a treadmill with the sole purpose of running, then it is important to ensure that the speed of the treadmill is such that it can run up to around 10 mph or even higher. 
  8. Do you have the right pair of shoes to run on the treadmill? A lot of people are under the notion that since the running belt of a treadmill is smooth and sometimes even cushioned, they don’t need shoes. This is not true. It is important to wear the right shoes when running, no matter if you are running on the road or a treadmill. Shoes protect your feet and provides the right cushioning that you need when you workout. 

Consider taking all the above-mentioned points so you can get yourself the best treadmill that works wonders for you, and puts you on the path of fitness! This should give you a fair idea as to what you really want and help you get the best treadmill for yourself! How about having a look at Sparnod’s treadmill collection to get started?

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