How Long to Hit the Treadmill For Weight Loss

For the longest time, treadmills have been the go to option for many who are on a mission to lose weight. And it is true that the treadmill can be an effective tool to lose some pound, gain some strength, and work on your stamina and endurance. But having said that, there is more to a treadmill than just wearing your shoes and hitting “start”. In order to really see an improvement in health and a change in numbers on your weighing scale, you need to work on the treadmill in a strategic way. And we’re here to tell you how!

How Long Should You Be Working Out On The Treadmill?

Ideally, you should be spending 150 minutes each week doing a moderate or high intensity workout. In order to lose some pounds, you need to scale up a bit and also ensure a calorie deficit. A good way to lose weight on the treadmill would be to log in 300 minutes per week. For you to hit this target of 300 minutes per week would mean that you spend an average of 40 to 45 minutes each day on the treadmill. This is a good target for those who are used to physical activity. However, if you are just beginning your fitness journey, it is recommended that you begin with a goal or target of 20 minutes each day. You can then gradually increase this number by ten minutes each week.

What About The Speed?

Treadmills come with the option of adjusting the speed in which you walk or run. It comes as no surprise that the faster you walk or run, the more calories you will burn. If you are a beginner, start with brisk walking, and then proceed with a short jog. Try this for a few weeks, until you can proceed with a full sprint or run on the treadmill. If you start running without warming up or walking first, you may subject yourself to injury. So, it is best to start slow, and then scale up.

Try Your Hands At HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is all the rage these days, and for good reason. The idea essentially is to have a full fledged training session or workout that comprises of short, high intense activity, followed by periods of rest or active recovery. When it comes to doing a HIIT session on a treadmill, you can begin with five minutes of walking or brisk walking, followed by ten minutes of high intensity jogging or running. Once that is done, you can finish or recover with five minutes of walking again. This makes for a full fledged twenty minutes HIIT plan and can do wonders in helping you on your weight loss journey.


While it is true that a treadmill is a powerful weight loss machine, it is also imperative that you stick to a well-balanced meal, one that allows you to create a calorie deficit without compromising on nutrition. It is also important for you to get a durable, long-lasting treadmill that is worth its value. Check out our entire range of first class treadmills today!