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Multi gym

Sparnod Fitness is your one-stop solution for covering all your multi gym needs. Right from the SHG-10000 Home Gym for Multiple workouts to the SHG-11000 Multifunctional Luxury Home Gym, this centre houses some of the best equipment and tools to help you maintain a perfect body and physique yearlong. 

If you’ve been struggling to fit in a good workout regime into your daily lifestyle, then heading to the gym is a great idea. But what if you do not have the time and bandwidth to go to the gym? When such is the case, a multi gym equipment can be just what you need. Although this power packed wonderful fitness equipment was only used by body builders and hardcore fitness enthusiasts back in the day, the multi gym is slowly but surely gaining popularity. This is because of its unmatched versatility and functionality, that allows you to enjoy a total body workout, as well as a good strength and conditioning regime.

The multi gym machine comes with 1 year of warranty service. If anything goes wrong within that timeframe, without any fault from your side, the company will take care of it without letting you spend a single dime extra. Apart from these features, you have cancellation and return services.

Once purchased, the workout machines come with a free installation service. Just provide details of your address, and the team will send an expert right to your doorstep. Each machine comes with free shipping. So, that’s another way to save some bucks!

The Benefits Of A Multi Gym

There is no doubt that this machine comes with a plethora of benefits. If you are considering to buy a multi gym, then you should know all the advantages it offers, so read on!

1. Perfect for home use

Tired of skipping gym day almost all the time? Well, with this fitness machine, you don’t have to worry about heading to the gym. It makes for the perfect home use equipment because this one machine provides an intense and effective total body workout, right at the confines of your home. You can choose to work it in the mornings, or if you’d rather head home after work and then use it, then that’s great too! We love how these multi gym equipments do not eat into a lot of space, thus making it very convenient for you.

2. So many diversified workouts for you to choose from

The best part about a multi gym is that it allows you to enjoy a number of diverse workouts. Most multi gyms are fully equipped with chin ups, weights, pulleys, and more, so you can target all the major muscle groups and enjoy a mix of different workouts every day. With a multi gym, you can train and strengthen your abs, back, chest, shoulders, legs, and biceps too.

3. Muscle gain and toning

There’s no better way to build muscle and tone your body than by using an effective multi gym equipment. They are also a wonderful choice when it comes to strength and conditioning. With the help of the pulley system and weight stacks, you can enjoy resistance training, thereby seeing great results. Additionally, if weight loss is on your mind, this machine can help you shed some pounds as well.

4. It’s safe to use!

Most people get intimidated when they head to the gym and see all those big and powerful fitness equipment. But the thing with a multi gym is that although it looks bulky, it is completely safe and easy to use. In fact, it happens to be one of the safest fitness machines out there! Most of us tend to injure ourselves when using or lifting weights such as dumbbells or bar bells, but such need not be the case with a mutli gym equipment. This is because multi gyms are straight forward and easy to use, without the need for too much co-ordination.

5. They are super durable!

One of the best things about a multi gym is that they are durable and long lasting, in other words: a lif-long investment! It’s as good as it can get. Imagine having a life term gym membership - that’s what it is like if you invest in a multi gym!

Things To Consider When Buying A Multi Gym

If you’re sold on the idea of getting a multi gym for home use, then there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

  1. Your Budget: Choose a multi gym that suits your budget well. When opting for an affordable one, ensure that you are not compromising on quality. You can also choose to buy a multi gym on an EMI plan, such as the ones which are offered by Sparnod.
  2. The Space You Have: Multi gyms, although not excessively bulky, does need a good amount of space, at least when in use. Make sure that you have a corner set aside at home where you can conveniently use the equipment without hindrance. Some multi gyms can also be folded and kept aside when stored, so if you are lacking enough space, then opt for the foldable multi gym.
  3. Get an understanding of the ergonomics: It is important that you understand how exactly this powerfully gym equipment works. Do enough research and watch a few videos to understand which body parts cen be targeted and how. You should also feel free to reach out to a store assistant in case you need more information on the functionality.

Multi Gym - Multifunctional Gym equipment price in UAE 2024

Multi Gym Price
SHG-10000 Multi GYM Workout AED 3080

Sparnod Fitness has a wide variety of multi gym - multi station gym equipment  that will suit your needs. From basic to luxury, we have it all. With the latest equipment and tools, our multi gyms are perfect for those who want to stay fit and healthy.

SHG-10000 Home Gym for Multiple workouts
-55 %
Model: SHG-10000
The SHG-10000 Home Gym is perfect for people who want to get fit at home. This gym provides a variety of different exercises that can be done on the weight stack, making it ideal for both beginners and experts alike. With a 1 year warranty, It comes with 138lb vinyl weight stack (13pcs X 10lbs ..
AED 1,399 AED 3,080
SMG-15000 Three Station Multi-Gym
-50 %
Model: SMG-15000
The SMG-15000 Three Station Multi-Gym is the perfect gym for professionals looking for a versatile and high-quality piece of equipment. The butterfly press and shoulder press can be exchanged through adjustable knob bolt. The high pulley and arm curl can be adjusted to provide the desired intensity...
AED 2,699 AED 5,365
SMG-16000 5Station Commercial Multy Gym
-74 %
Model: SMG-16000
The SMG-16000 5Station Commercial Multy Gym is a great addition to your fitness centre. With a user weight of 150kg, it is perfect for use by professionals or those looking for a high-intensity workout. The weight stack includes 72kgs of weight per stack, meaning you can work up a good sweat in no t..
AED 3,899 AED 14,795
Model: SMG-9000
The SMG-9000! This heavy-duty steel frame home gym features a plethora of functions to help you get the most out of your workouts, including chest press, peck fly, lat pull down, bicep curl, triceps, seated bench press, abdominal crunch, leg extension, and leg curl. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warr..
AED 4,350
Model: SHG-11000
The SHG-11000 is a luxury home gym that offers a wide variety of exercises for toning and sculpting your body. The weight stack is comprised of 96kgs (6kgs*16pcs) of weights & user weight 180 kg, making it perfect for people who are aspire to build muscle mass. The pulley is made with high stren..
AED 4,700
SMG-12000 Luxury Single Station Integrated Trainer
-57 %
Model: SMG-12000
The SMG-12000 Luxury Single Station Integrated Trainer is the perfect choice for those who demand the very best in terms of quality and performance. Made from the finest materials, it features a maintenance-free self-lubricating system, high quality reinforced U type nylon precision bearing pulley, ..
AED 5,499 AED 12,675
SMG-18000 Multy Exercise Gym
-52 %
Model: SMG-18000
SMG-18000 Multy Exercise Gym is perfect for anyone looking for a quality weight stack that can provide a wide range of exercises. The weight stack is made from high quality plastic and features a highly flexible oil-containing cable to provide the best possible workout. Additional features include a..
AED 5,499 AED 11,350
SMG-22000 Multi Smith Training Machine
-49 %
Model: SMG-22000
The SMG-22000 Multi Smith Training Machine is perfect for targeting your entire body with a wide range of workout options. You can choose from 30 different exercises including leg press, leg extension, chest extension, high pull, low pull, side pull, rowing, abdomen-press and more. The innovative de..
AED 9,999 AED 19,425
SMG-19000 Five station Multy-GYM
-46 %
Model: SMG-19000
The SMG-19000 five station Multi-GYM! This state-of-the-art equipment offers users the opportunity to work out in a variety of different ways, with features like a leg press, kicking, chest extension, lat pulldown, low row, side pull, and rowing. Plus, its heavy duty construction frame ensures long-..
AED 10,999 AED 20,450
Model: SMG-20000
The SMG-20000 Multi Smith Integrated Trainer is perfect for targeting your entire body with a variety of exercises. With 30 different options, you can work on everything from your legs to your chest. The compact design makes it easy to use by multiple people at once, and the comfortable padded seat ..
AED 18,410
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