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Let's Make Massage-Chair Selection Easy For You.

If you have been researching massage-chair options in the market, chances are you are getting confused.

All brands have almost exactly the same features.
All look also not very different from each other.
Even the prices can't be too different.
A massage chair... is a massage chair... is a massage chair... after all.

So how do you make that choice?

Don't worry.
We'll make it absolutely simple for you.
Here are 3 facts that should make it crystal clear for you.
These 3 facts will tell you why you should go for the brand Sparnod, over every other there is in the market.

Sparnod is the only brand that offers 3 years warranty!

Yes, 3 years.
When everybody else offers 1 year, Sparnod is the only brand that offers 3 years warranty.
3X confidence in quality.
As simple as that - we are so confident of our quality that we offer thrice the warranty than everybody else.
Makes sense?
And here's the other reason:

Sparnod is 5-10% cheaper!!

No, we aren't.
In fact, we are cheaper.
5-10% cheaper compared to massage chairs with the same features from other brands
Because we sell directly to our customers.
To you.
So there are no distributor/dealer commissions to be paid.
And that saving comes to you.
So, 3X warranty and 5-10% cheaper!
But, wait!
There's more...

Sparnod is the only brand that offers FREE HOME TRIAL!!!

Yes, home-trial.
We will send you a brand-new Sparnod massage-chair, after discussing with you, your budget and all the things you may be looking for in a massage-chair.
Home-delivered and installed for FREE.
Ready to use by you and your family.
Home-delivered and installed for FREE.
And only after you are satisfied and want to keep it, do you pay us! If not, we just take it back with a smile!!
Would you not call this super-confidence in our brand?
So why wait to contact us?

Classic - 3D back Full Body Massage Chair
-63 %
Model: Classic
Relax in luxury with this classic 3D back full body massage chair. With its cutting-edge massage mechanism and L-shape backtrack, you'll enjoy a truly unique massage experience. And Bluetooth-enabled music provides the perfect soundtrack to your relaxation. Other features include wall hugger te..
AED 6,064 AED 16,499
Plush - 4D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair
-27 %
Model: Plush
The Plush 4D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair is the most advanced massage chair on the market, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants the best possible massage experience. With its 4D massage mechanism, L-shape backtrack, and Bluetooth-enabled music system, this chair offers a truly luxurious massa..
AED 14,998 AED 20,450
Opulence - 4D Plus Dual-core Body Massage Chair
-33 %
Model: Opulence
The Opulence massage chair is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. With its 4D PLUS dual-core massage mechanism, it offers a truly rejuvenating experience for your back and buttocks. The innovative flexible SL backtrack allows for better stretching, while the tablet remote control and quick button..
AED 26,999 AED 39,999
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