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Commercial Use Treadmill

If you’re looking to invest in commercial use treadmills, then look no further. Sparnod has a range of first-in-class commercial use treadmills that don’t compromise on quality and performance.

Essentially, it is necessary for commercial use treadmills to promise high durability despite regular use. We take extra care to ensure that our commercial use treadmills are steady, despite multiple use of several hours each day.

Choose from a wide range of commercial use treadmills that boast of several features, impressive designs, user-friendly controls, and so much more. And the best part? They’re easy on your pockets!

One of the biggest reasons why Sparnod’s commercial use treadmills are a favourite, is because of its affordability. Enjoy value for every penny you paid, as well as a one year warranty! You can also avail our EMI facility that allows you to pay as per your convenience

If you’re all set to invest in commercial use treadmills, then here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Budget: Ask yourself what budget you have, and settle for treadmills that fit within this range. Sparnod has a range of treadmills that suit every budget, without compromising on quality, so this should not be a problem for you.
  • Belt size: If you’re opting for a commercial use treadmill, then chances are that it is for your gym or workout place. You should know that people of all sizes will avail your treadmills. So, get treadmills that can accommodate different sizes. This way, everyone can enjoy a great workout!
  • Features: Look for treadmills that boast of basic designs such as the distance covered, calories burns, speed control etc. On top of this, see if you’d like to invest in treadmills that have special features such as bluetooth. Again, we’ve got it all!
  • Weight: Just like the size of the belt, the body weight that a treadmill can hold matters too. So, get yourself treadmills that are suitable for different body weights. If you’re getting only one treadmill (maybe for the residents of your flat or apartment), then get one that is at a higher range.

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At Sparnod, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality fitness equipment. That's why we offer a range of commercial use treadmills that are designed for durability and performance. Whether you're looking for a basic model or a top-of-the-line machine, we have what you need. Shop our selection of commercial treadmills today and get the best prices!
STC-4250 (2 HP AC Motor) 3 Level Manual Incline commercial Treadmill
-47 %
Model: STC-4250
The STC-4250 is a high-end commercial treadmill that is perfect for anyone looking to get a great workout. It features a 2 HP AC motor, 3 level manual incline, and a speed range of 0.8-14.8 km/hr. Additionally, it has a 5' LCD display, hydraulic foldable design, and 1year warranty...
AED 2,199 AED 4,150
STC-4550 (3 HP AC MOTOR) Hydraulic Lift & Lowering Assist Treadmill
-52 %
Model: STC-4550
The Prone Leg CurlSTC-4550 is a high-quality, hydraulic treadmill that is perfect for any fitness enthusiast. With a 3 HP AC motor, this treadmill is powerful enough to handle any workout, yet still easy to use with its simple controls. The large 7 inch LCD display shows all your important statistic..
AED 2,599 AED 5,400
STC-4725 (Manual) Curved Walking and Running Commercial Treadmill
-67 %
Model: STC-4725
The STC-4725 (Manual) Curved Walking and Running Commercial Treadmill is perfect for fitness professionals looking for a high-quality treadmill for their business. With a running surface that measures 155 cm x 58.5 cm and a weight capacity of 160 kg, this treadmill is perfect for users of all weight..
AED 2,599 AED 7,875
STC-4950 (4.5 HP AC Motor) Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmill
-53 %
Model: STC-4950
The STC-4950 is the perfect treadmill for people who are looking for a heavy duty machine. This treadmill comes with a 4.5 HP continuous AC motor that makes it very powerful and efficient. The running area is also large at 1400*520 mm, so you can workout in plenty of space. Additionally, the incline..
AED 3,199 AED 6,750
STC-4850 (4 HP AC MOTOR) Solid Build Commercial Home use Treadmill
-51 %
Model: STC-4850
The STC-4850 is a top of the line commercial home treadmill that is perfect for use in homes or Fitness centers. This treadmill has a 4HP continuous AC motor that can handle users up to 140kg and running area of 1360X520mm/54x20inch. It also has an incline range of 15%, an auto speed range of 1-18km..
AED 3,299 AED 6,800
STC-5250 (5 HP AC Motor) Treadmill with 7 Inch LCD Display & Motor Incline
-65 %
Model: STC-5250
STC-5250 foldable treadmill is a large 7 inch LCD display & auto incline treadmill. It has a 5 HP continuous AC motor and user weight 160kg with an incline range of MOTOR INCLINE 1-20%. The speed range is 1.0 - 22.0KM/H Additionally, it has a running area of 530*1500MM. The foldable treadmi..
AED 3,799 AED 10,850
STC-5200 (5 HP AC Motor) The Ultimate Commercial Use Treadmill
-41 %
Model: STC-5200
The STC-5200, With a 5 HP continuous AC motor and 1500*520 running area, it's perfect for larger users and offers a variety of features to make your workouts more productive. The incline range is 18%, while the speed range goes up to 20 km/hrs. And with its LED display and hydraulic foldable design,..
AED 4,399 AED 7,500
STC-5540 (5 HP AC Motor) Non Slip & Shock Absorption, Running Belt Treadmill
-51 %
Model: STC-5540
The STC-5540 is a 5 HP AC motor treadmill that offers users a variety of features, including a running belt treadmill with an incline range of 15%, an auto speed range of 0.8-20km/hr, and a 9' LCD display. User weight up to 160 kg, Additionally, the STC-5540 is hydraulically foldable for easy storag..
AED 4,599 AED 9,300
STC-5550 (5.5 HP AC Motor) Heavy-duty Commercial Treadmill
-62 %
Model: STC-5550
The STC-5550 treadmill is a commercial grade treadmill that has a powerful 5.5 HP AC motor with a maximum user weight of 170 kg. It also has a large running surface of 1500x580 mm, making it perfect for serious runners. The treadmill also features an auto-incline feature to simulate walking or runni..
AED 4,699 AED 12,440
STC-4750 Heavy-Duty Commercial Curve Treadmill
-53 %
Model: STC-4750
The STC-4750 is a Non-Electric Manual Treadmill that is perfect for use in commercial settings or at home. It has a running area of 1500*400mm and a speed range of 0-20km/h. It also has an LCD display which allows you to see your progress and body fat percentage. The treadmill comes with a nylo..
AED 5,499 AED 11,700
STC-5650 (5.5 HP AC Motor) Commercial Sturdy Treadmill
-53 %
Model: STC-5650
The STC-5650 treadmill is a powerful motor that can handle users up to 165 kg. It has a large running area of 1550 x 540 mm and a speed of 1-21 km/hr. Additionally, the treadmill has an auto-incline feature which allows you to increase the intensity of your workout. The treadmill also comes with a b..
AED 5,699 AED 12,025
STC-5575 5 Hp Continuous AC Motorized Automatic Walking and Running Treadmill
-59 %
Model: STC-5575
The STC-5575 5 Hp Continuous AC Motorized Automatic Walking and Running Treadmill has a speed range of 1-22 km/h and a max user weight of 150 kg. As well as its 155 x 56 cm running surface, Also comes with an LED display that provides clear readings of your progress and comes with 1-12 preset Progra..
AED 7,499 AED 18,400
STC-5750 (7 HP AC Motor) Alphanumeric LED Display Treadmill
-29 %
Model: STC-5750
The STC-5750, a high-powered treadmill that offers all the features you need to stay fit. Featuring a continuous AC motor with a user weight capacity of 200kg, this machine has a running area of 1600x 620mm and an incline range of 15%. The machine also comes with an automatic incline, a speed range ..
AED 7,499 AED 10,624
Model: STC-4350
"Experience peak performance with our 3hp continuous and 6hp peak motor treadmill, designed for users up to 140kgs. Featuring a spacious 500*1200MM running area, motor incline from 1%-15%, and a speed range of 1.0-20.0KM/H (Real speed: 1.0-18KM/H). Enjoy a vibrant workout with a 7 LCD display, Bluet..
AED 7,530
STC-5775 (5.5 HP AC Motor) Automatic Motorized Walking and Running Commercial Treadmill
-54 %
Model: STC-5775
The STC-5775 is a top of the commercial treadmill that can be used for a variety of different activities such as walking, running and jogging. This machine has a speed range of 0.8 to 20 kilometers per hour and offers a continuous hp of 5.5. It also comes with a weight capacity of 180 kg, It also fe..
AED 8,999 AED 19,690
STC-5800 (6 HP AC Motor) 8 Inch Large LED Display Treadmill
-33 %
Model: STC-5800
The STC-5800 treadmill is designed for fitness enthusiasts who demand the best in terms of performance and features. This treadmill comes equipped with a 6 HP motor that allows users to run on a variety of different speeds and inclines. Running area of 1651*580mm (65"/23"), this machine is perfect f..
AED 8,999 AED 13,500
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